Welcome to Revae, where the dark corridors of Doom beckon and the shadows hold secrets untold. Here’s a breakdown of the talented individuals contributing to this infernal journey.


Dive into the depths of Revae with the primary textures crafted by the masterful Lupin x Kassman, denoted by the prefix “ks” for a distinct visual experience.


Immerse yourself in the cacophony of chaos with sounds meticulously curated by TerminusEst13, ensuring every step echoes with dread.


Let the haunting melodies of Hexenmapper, also known as Tom Jensen, guide you through the twisted realms of Revae, setting the perfect tone for your descent into madness.


Explore the intricate levels of Revae, each a labyrinth of nightmares brought to life by the following skilled mappers:

  • E1M4: SuperCupcakeTactics lays the groundwork for “Blade Swamp,” enhanced by Revae’s deathmatch arena touch.
  • E1M7: LupinxKassman presents “Dripstone Wharf,” further refined with Revae’s deathmatch arena influence.
  • E2M4: JawsInSpace constructs the initial layout, with Revae adding its finishing touches.
  • E2M5: AngstySaint’s creation awaits your exploration.
  • E2M6: VelcroSasquatch invites you to venture into their chilling design.
  • E3M4: AD_79 leads the charge with a primary creation, enriched by Revae’s secondary contributions.
  • E3M7: TerminusEst13 and Jimmy join forces to create the epic “Siege,” complemented by Revae’s deathmatch arena design.
  • E4M1: Bzzrak welcomes you to the “Village of Delusion,” enhanced with Revae’s deathmatch arena additions.
  • E4M7: VelcroSasquatch’s creation stands as a testament to the horrors lurking within Revae’s darkest corners.