Prepare yourself for a descent into madness as you encounter these twisted beings:

  • Formerly Human, Now Inhuman Once human, now twisted beyond recognition. These creatures are the embodiment of corruption and decay, with features warped and mutated beyond belief.
  • Formerly Human, Now Grotesque These monstrosities belch fire as they roam the desolate landscapes. Their once-human forms now contorted into grotesque shapes, striking fear into the hearts of all who dare to cross their path.
  • Malformed Husk With spikes for arms and hooves for feet, this malformed husk of a creature is a nightmare made flesh. Its twisted form is a testament to the horrors lurking within the depths of Doom REKKR.
  • Bone Construct Turret Constructed from the bones of its victims, this turret is a macabre creation of pure malice. It rains down death upon all who approach, a grim reminder of the horrors that await in the shadows.
  • Flying Fiend This abomination takes to the skies, buzzing with malevolent intent. It shoots and explodes with reckless abandon, leaving destruction in its wake as it hunts its prey from above.
  • Disembodied Eyeball A floating, disembodied eyeball, torn from its former host in a gruesome display of violence. Whatever creature it once belonged to must have been immense, leaving behind only this eerie reminder of its existence.
  • Sadistic Sadness As sad as it is deadly, this creature takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of its victims. Prepare to dodge its attacks with all your might, for its malevolence knows no bounds.
  • The Source of Big Eyeballs It seems this nightmarish realm is the birthplace of the grotesque floating eyeballs that haunt its skies. Beware, for what horrors await in the depths of the abyss from which they emerge.